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The Future of Endpoint Security - 3 Strategies for Protecting Endpoints without Impairing Work Productivity
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The Future of Endpoint Security - 3 Strategies for Protecting Endpoints without Impairing Work Productivity




Matrix42 AG

Digitisation is progressing. New technologies enable easier and more productive work. As a result, the number of devices in use is constantly growing. At the same time, the threat of sophisticated cyber attacks is increasing. Already about 60% of these attacks originate on the end devices. But what does the future of endpoint security look like? 

We highlight for you the three major challenges of digital workplace management in terms of security:

  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Privacy / GDPR

Roy Katmor, Sergej Schlotthauer and Oliver Bendig show how CISOs, CIOs and their IT departments can master the technical and organizational challenges of a complex and, above all, vulnerable working world.

The digital workplace is on the rise, which is why IT service management and endpoint security are converging. However, employee productivity and endpoint security must not conflict with each other.

  1. Protection against attackers goes hand in hand with a higher degree of automation in IT. This is the only way to manage the number of attacks and the danger of data theft. Oliver Bendig shows that only a managed workplace is a truly secure workplace.
  2. Real-time protection after an infection - Roy Katmor from enSilo will show you how to automate Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response (IR).
  3. Endpoint Protection Solutions - Today, data is critical to every business. Loss of data due to theft or carelessness can cause great damage to a company, maybe even lead to the company's extinction. Sergej Schlotthauer from EgoSecure gives insights on how you can protect your company without compromising productivity.

Roy Katmor Headshot
Roy Katmor

enSilo Inc.

Roy Katmor is an experienced product manager and security market strategist who combines strong technical knowledge with proven sales and marketing skills. Prior to enSilo, Roy led Akamai's security strategy. Prior to that, he led Imperva's data security products and architecture management. Roy has also held senior product management and research and development roles in several international public and private companies.

Sebastian Sziegel Headshot
Sergej Schlotthauer

Vice President Security
Matrix42 AG

Sergej Schlotthauer has been Vice President Security at Matrix42 since June 2018. Together with 70 employees, he is responsible for the further expansion of the Security Software division. Sergej Schlotthauer is the founder of EgoSecure, now a Matrix42 company. From 2007 on, he expanded the company to a leading German security software manufacturer. Prior to that, he worked for more than 10 years in various management positions at large German software and service companies in the media industry. At MediaCom, one of Europe's leading full-service media agencies, he headed the entire IT department. As Director of Product Development, he was responsible for the international portfolio expansion of the software manufacturer Enteo Software.

Oliver Bendig Headshot
Oliver Bendig

Chief Executive Officer
Matrix42 AG

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Oliver Bendig has overall responsibility for Matrix42 AG. His responsibilities include product management, development, marketing, sales, pre-sales, channel activities and customer success. He has more than 15 years of experience in workplace management and is considered a forward thinker in the industry. Oliver Bendig has been with the company since 2009 and, as Vice President Product Management, was initially responsible for Product Management, Product Marketing and Pre-Sales. In 2014, as CTO, he assumed global responsibility for the development teams with the focus on product strategy and further development of the Matrix42 product portfolio. Since 2016, he has been CEO of Matrix42. Before Oliver Bendig joined Matrix42, he was responsible for product management at Enteo Software and FrontRange Solutions for several years.

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