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Simple, secure and compliant mobile working

For many people, the ability to work from anywhere anytime using mobile devices isn’t a ‘nice to have’ any more – it’s a necessity. It can even influence job selection, because people want to be more flexible and responsive in their work. So, your IT needs to support mobile access to workspaces to attract and keep the best talent. But there are significant challenges to overcome, for example:

  • Security: 16% of employees lost their phone in the last two years.
  • BYOD: Most companies are struggling to get their BYOD policy right.
  • Productivity: Optimizing business processes is the biggest challenge for organizations within the next two years.

(Source: IDC Enterprise Mobility Study Germany, 2013)

The right mobile workspace management solution can help you tackle these and many other issues by:

  • Integrating mobile devices, data and applications smoothly and securely into your corporate environment, including email, business applications and documents.
  • Ensuring mobile devices become fully functional workspaces by applying corporate and privacy policies.
  • Supporting the separation of private and business information for personal (BYOD) and corporate devices to ensure full compliance.
  • Integrating a device management tool into your existing IT Service Management environment and automating related business processes.
The solution you choose should enable user-centric management of all your mobile workspaces and provide easy-to-use self-service capabilities.
  • Console Hub 6.5
  • Console Dashboard 6.5
  • Console Compliance
  • Console Profiles OS 7.0
  • Console Dashboard 7.0

What it does

Matrix42 Mobile Workspace Management adds comprehensive functionality to state-of-the-art Enterprise Mobility Management technology from AirWatch, to significantly simplify and optimize the cost of managing all your mobile devices. It also supports you to transition from securing corporate and personal mobile devices, to gaining complete control over mobile applications, email and content. Key features include:


Support for all business mobile operation systems

Enables management of base connectivity, security and encryption options including peripheral control, and adoption of the latest mobile OS technology.

Enable BYOD and corporate device security

Extensive support for native OS application security options, and a container-based approach to separate business and private data.

Compliance engine to enforce corporate policies

Automated compliance monitoring and multi-level escalation mechanisms to meet corporate policies.

Controlled access to and collaboration on corporate files

Secure access and sharing options for corporate information on mobile devices by using a container-based solution.

Secure email gateway access

Only devices registered and compliant for MDM get access to the corporate email service.

Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

Provides self-service access to internal company and public business applications within corporate compliance and usage policies.

Integrated contract and asset management

Enables management of all your mobile devices, contracts, SIM cards & accessories, and reduces costs by optimizing business processes.

Simplified, automated delivery of IT services

Automates order, approval and deployment of all IT hardware, software and services in the Matrix42 Service Catalog. Integration of the Matrix42 Service Desk accelerates incident, problem and change management processes, as well as common tasks such as enrollment, passcode resets and data deletion.

How it works

Here are three typical scenarios in which Matrix42 Mobile Workspace Management delivers great benefits:

Mobile lifecycle management (BYOD)

An employee wants to use his personal smartphone at work. The Matrix42 Mobile Workspace Management solution:

  • Allows the employee to activate his device by using the self-service portal (Service Catalog) with his Matrix42 mobile app.
  • Automatically sends a configuration request.
  • Distributes a token-based authentication to the user via email once approved.
  • Gives the user fast access to the corporate network, email, applications and documents.
  • Provides simple single-sign on with secured authentication by using public-key infrastructure-based certificates.
  • Can remove corporate access and data from the device without affecting personal data and settings.

Enabling sales professionals to deliver customer calls with mobile devices

An account executive wants to present his company’s products and quickly send product descriptions to a prospect via his tablet.
The Matrix42 Mobile Workspace Management solution: 

  • Pushes the Matrix42 Secure Content Locker container app onto the device.
  • Provides manual or automatic access to encrypted content following authentication.
  • Enforces company policies as the user presents a product video and sends product descriptions to the prospect.
  • Indicates start- and end-dates for documents to ensure up-to-date status.

Using the Matrix42 mobile app to process IT requests

A field technician needs a web-conference tool with a dedicated user account on his tablet. He uses the Matrix42 mobile app to access the self-service Matrix42 Service Catalog. The Matrix42 Mobile Workspace Management solution: 

  • Enables the employee to order the required IT service with the Matrix42 mobile app.
  • Uses service components to check license compliance.
  • Enables managers to approve the order against their budgets while on the road.
  • Automatically delivers account details and the web-conference app to the employee’s tablet.
  • Gives the employee the chance to provide feedback to IT using the Matrix42 mobile app.

Your benefits

Flexible management of mobile workspaces for users, regardless of device ownership

  • Automate and mobilize IT Service Management processes to shorten response times and delivery processes.
  • Transform mobile devices into fully functional mobile workspaces to improve productivity, workplace attractiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Increase user satisfaction by enabling efficient mobile working and an easy self-service experience.

Low-risk management of multiple mobile working and device ownership scenarios

  • Enable BYOD by ensuring compliance with corporate security policies.
  • Reduce mobile communications costs through proactive management of data usage and control of roaming permissions.

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