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Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management


Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management Stop Managing Devices. Start Empowering People

Most device management solutions take the device as their starting point. It sounds logical, but it requires two systems – a client lifecycle management (CLM) solution for PCs, and an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for mobile devices. But what about the latest hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface? That’s a problem. Most IT departments end up managing them twice – once as a laptop via CLM, and once as a mobile device via EMM. The end result? Complexity and inefficiency for administrators and users.

Unified Endpoint Management Essential
Unified Endpoint Management
Total User Workspace Management

One license for one user with unlimited devices

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management eliminates this problem by enabling administrators to manage any device through a ‘single pane of glass’, and allowing users to work on as many devices as they want at no extra cost. That makes it the best solution to meet Gartner’s criteria for true Unified Endpoint Management - one tool and one process to manage all devices in a way that is invisible to both the user and the IT administrator, and cost-effective for the business.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management combines the simplicity of Matrix42’s EMM solution with the reliability of Matrix42’s market-proven approach to Client Lifecycle Management. Ultimately, it helps organizations create a holistic workspace management environment that integrates device, ITSM and compliance management – the logical next step once Unified Endpoint management has been achieved.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

All features

  • Single, unified management console 

    Provides one universal management console to provision CLM and EMM capable devices. 

  • Automated/hybrid CLM & EMM

    Auto-enables CLM & EMM management after the device registration process is complete, and manages hybrid CLM & EMM devices individually.

  • Automated interface selection

    Auto-selects the appropriate device management interface, which is transparent for the administrator.

  • Identity separation

    Separates personal/corporate identity (location/applications/data & forms) to ensure user privacy.

  • One user = one license

    License requirement calculations are as easy as counting users within Active Directory or Service Store.

  • Flexible deployment

    Offers flexible deployment options - on-premises or in the cloud.

Your benefits

Dramatically simpler, faster and future-proof device management

  • Combines the simplicity of Matrix42’s innovative approach to enterprise mobility management with the reliability enabled by 20+ years of client lifecycle management experience
  • Scalable, unified device management for any device or operating system
  • Complete transparency for administrators with one admin console for any device, including hybrids 
  • Automatic selection of management actions for different device types – no specific device knowledge or decisions required by the administrator
  • Frees up IT resources to focus on other tasks by eliminating device management duplication in multiple systems 

Lower, predictable costs

  • One user, one license enabling employees to use as many devices as they want for a predictable fixed cost.  
  • A fairer way to manage devices that permanently lowers costs by eliminating the need to run two separate device management systems.

Secure working without comprising privacy

  • Provides secure access to corporate IT resources with a secure registration process for untrusted devices.
  • Separates identities on devices to ensure the integrity of user’s personal data 

Enhanced user productivity 

  • Empowers users by enabling them to access a unique, continuously updated and protected workspace on any device
  • Active device management for users anywhere, anytime with no service disruption. 

Use Cases

‘One-configuration-fits-all’ management

An administrator has to update and distribute Microsoft Office for the sales team. The sales employees use Apple iPhones and Apple iPads in addition to their Windows laptops.

With Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management:

  • The IT administrator can assign the Microsoft Office installation to users, not devices.
  • Installation and updates are performed automatically on all devices used by the sales employee.
  • The right type of application (MSI, mobile or web) is installed on the right device at the right time.

360° view of the workspace

A Service Desk employee requires a comprehensive view of the user’s workspace, including all devices, apps and configurations in use.

With Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management:

  • The Service Desk employee can use one view to manage both PCs and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, including apps and configurations.
  • It is possible to proactively identify and automatically resolve problems.

Press: Matrix42’s Unified Endpoint Management offers one licence for all devices 
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