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Matrix42 Virtual


Matrix42 Virtual Optimize and automate virtual desktops Matrix42 Virtual

Matrix42 Virtual guarantees significantly simplified management of your Citrix infrastructures, and reduces operating costs by connecting the asset management and self-service functions for users with each other. This creates a unique, industry-leading solution for the orchestration and automation of Citrix infrastructures.

All functions

  • Automation of the Citrix infrastructure management

    Create Citrix XenApp farms in order to connect them with the management of disk images for deployment services and virtual desktop management functions

  • Deployment, configuration, and management of virtual desktops

    Comprises the operating systems, patches, and software of persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops

  • Virtual lifecycle management

    Create, implement, update, and delete virtual desktops and applications

  • Integrated license, asset, and contract management

    Guarantee automatic billing and monitoring of license compliance using virtual desktops and applications

  • Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

    Self-service access to internal and open applications with compliance to access and usage policies for your company

  • Integrated Matrix42 service desk

    Deploy new virtual desktops and applications, and resolve problems with virtual user services

  • Citrix Ready certification

    For deploying Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenServer, independent from the virtualization infrastructure on the server

  • Disk image management

    Create, update, and remove disk images with a special change management process

  • Flexcast support

    Deploy virtual desktops and applications with approval, streaming, and snapshot technologies from Citrix

  • Management of virtual machines

    Comprehensive and intuitive snapshot management for virtual machines

Your benefits

  • Saves a significant amount of time and money

    • Quicker introduction, migration, and use of virtual desktop environments.
    • Accelerated processes thanks to the automation of manual tasks.
    • Create, test, and update images in a matter of minutes.
  • Increased IT efficiency and less troubleshooting

    • Top-quality virtual services thanks to tests and replicable results.
    • Lower personnel requirements with significant savings in time and money for administrative tasks.
    • Reduction from 40 percent to 5 percent of work time required to fix errors during virtualization.
  • More flexibility through business process integration

    • Approval and billing for virtual desktops and applications via self-service.
    • Configuration of license-compliant virtual workspaces.
    • Elimination of silos in desktop virtualization operations, plus management of physical and virtual environments and services as an integrated whole.

Use Cases

Citrix automation

A virtual workspace administrator wants to automate the management of the company’s Citrix infrastructure.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Configure and install Citrix XenApp farms
  • Create disk images for XenApp deployment
  • Install and publish shared desktops and apps (worker groups)
  • Create, manage and deploy XenDesktops
  • Operate Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp and expand capacity

Disk image management

A virtual desktop administrator wants to simplify and accelerate the lifecycle of disk images.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Define a desired state for virtual machines as a reference
  • Install, update, and delete patches and applications
  • Create disk images from reference virtual machines
  • Efficiently manage the versioning of disk images
  • Execute lifecycle management for disk images across virtual desktops such as XenDesktop or XenApp (Test – Operation – Production)

Virtual workspace deployment within business processesen

An employee wants to use an iPad at work while remaining fully compliant with corporate IT policies.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Activate devices using the integrated Enterprise App Store (Matrix 42 Service Catalog)
  • Automatically send configuration requests
  • Receive token-based authentication via email
  • Quickly access a user-specific virtual desktop and applications on the new device via Citrix Receiver
  • Automatically deactivate all corporate services on the device


Complete contract transparency that saves you money

Matrix42 Contract Management simplifies and automates many of your complex contract management tasks by providing a secure, centralized and web-based repository for all your supplier contracts and agreements.


  • Automation of time-consuming complex contract management tasks.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces for accessing status updates, uploading new contracts and running reports.
  • Proactive notification about contract renewal and termination dates, audits, control visits and other important events.
  • Built-in templates for common contracts and agreements.
  • One-click generation of interactive reporting on utilization rates, contract analysis, cost forecasting and more.
  • Rich configuration and rights management options to tailor the environment and access permissions to your requirements.

Your benefits

  • Complete transparency over the status of all your contracts and agreements.
  • Greater efficiency and more time to spend on more valuable tasks.
  • Elimination of unnecessary spending through easy identification of contracts that don’t justify renewal.
  • Easier, more accurate cost planning per contract with aggregated reporting across departments and cost categories.
  • Simple, accurate, fast fulfillment of compliance requirements.
  • Enhanced decision-making based on complete, accurate, up-to-date contract information.
  • Flexible, scalable control of your contract portfolio as it grows.

Simplified control over all your IT assets

Matrix42 Asset Management consolidates data about all your IT assets into one, easy-to-use web-based system, giving you full transparency and self-service control over every asset with a few clicks.


  • Single, centralized easy-to-use system for managing all of your physical and virtual computers, mobile devices, SIM cards, peripheral devices, network devices and universal assets.
  • Automatic assignment of hardware and software to users.
  • Centralized communication capabilities for easier collaboration and faster enquiry resolution.
  • Import wizardsthat collect and transfer asset data into the central asset management database.
  • One-click reporting on your IT asset inventory about organizational and personal allocation.
  • Standardized stock management of IT hardware and other physical assets.
  • Built-in data interface for 3rd-party IT management systems.

Your benefits

  • Greater management efficiency across the entire asset lifecycle through full transparency over all IT assets.
  • Lower costs by eliminating unnecessary purchases with unutilized assets and preventing asset loss.
  • Shorter delivery times on hardware and software orders for users.
  • More time for IT professionals to work on more valuable projects.
  • Ensuring return on investment in IT assets.
  • Better decision-making on requisition, replacement or upgrade of IT assets.
  • Lower business and financial risk through easier audit and compliance fulfillment.

Efficient and simple IT Service Management to go

Matrix42 Mobile Apps provide mobile users with convenient, self-service access to the corporate IT Service Catalog and lets service technicians manage incidents conveniently on the go. With your Apple iPhone or iPad, comprehensive IT support is just a few swipes away – anywhere, anytime.


  • Mobile Service Catalog: Enables users to request any hardware, software or service from the corporate Service Catalog, and allows line managers to approve service requests anytime and anywhere.
  • Mobile Support: User access to incident reporting, tracking progress of support tickets and the central knowledge base.
  • Company News: Proactive user updates on public company news including corporate Twitter and Facebook feeds, and downtime or maintenance window announcements.
  • Company Address Book: Enables users to locate contacts from the organization’s directory and add them to their iPhone’s address book, get directions or place calls with a few swipes.
  • Mobile Incident Management: Convenient on-the-go management, processing and resolution of incidents, and access to the knowledge base for service technicians. (only available for iPad)

Your benefits

  • Increased user satisfaction through faster access to services and support, and greater transparency over order or support ticket status.
  • Enhanced value and image of IT through improved service, communication, responsiveness and process transparency.
  • Up to 80% faster service request approvals, by enabling managers to make decisions on the go.
  • Reduced IT services expenditure through simple cost control and the return of unutilized services for users or department managers.
  • Increased mobility for Service Desk workers through incident management and processing on the go. (only available for iPad)

Significant cost reduction with automated ITIL incident, problem and change management

Matrix42 Service Desk is a web-based portal that simplifies and automates your IT support processes for users and service technicians. The system accelerates issue resolution, eliminates time-consuming manual support tasks, improves the service delivered to end users, and saves you up to 20% on your support costs.


  • A single, centralized, and user-friendly web-based help desk for unified management of all support tickets.
  • Self-service portal and knowledge base enabling users to resolve their own support issues.
  • Automated support ticket creation, prioritization and distribution to the appropriate technician.
  • Integration with Matrix42 License Management, Contract Management and Asset Management for continuous monitoring of compliance obligations and risks, IT usage, and costs.
  • Bi-directional interface with an Active Directory to assign rights and passwords.
  • One-click software installation directly via a support ticket.
  • Built-in escalation management that proactively issues alerts if support response times are too long, and suggests solutions when multiple incidents occur.
  • Break and fix tools for simple common administration tasks such as unlocking accounts, granting security privileges or installing software.
  • Detailed reporting on activities, deadlines and service levels.

Your benefits

  • Up to 20% lower IT support costs through extensive task automation.
  • Reduced risk of financial penalties for breached SLAs through automated processes that improve service levels and ensure compliance.
  • Significant time savings for IT staff with access to case information in 1-3 clicks.
  • Reduced stress and greater job satisfaction for IT professionals who are free to focus on value generation instead of admin.
  • Greater user satisfaction through self-service issue resolution, faster response times, higher service levels and improved communication from IT.
  • Enhanced user productivity and reduced downtime through proactive communication about planned downtime, self-scheduling of updates or changes, and faster issue resolution.
  • Greater insight into IT workloads that enables problem areas to be identified and addressed rapidly.

Automated workspace management for simpler administration and happier users

Matrix42 Workspace Automation (formerly known as Empirum) is a single, user-friendly system that automates and integrates all the processes and tasks required to manage your physical and virtual desktops across their entire lifecycle, from installation to retirement.


  • Automates time-consuming management tasks such as software deployments and common help desk tasks.
  • Enables management of all devices regardless of operating system.
  • Automatic identification and installation of correct drivers for each system.
  • Automated inventory audits that identify which programs are being used, by whom and how often.
  • Automatic software updates within predefined compliance guidelines.
  • Centralized data backup and restore.
  • Automated, secure and complete deletion of data when a device is retired.

Your benefits

  • Faster, more efficient service for end users.
  • Quick start with hundreds of pre-packaged apps provided by Matrix42 Package Cloud*, with low infrastructure requirements.
  • Avoidance of financial penalties caused by breaches of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Lower desktop management workload and costs, even as the number of devices you need to manage increases.
  • Faster software deployments with fewer errors.
  • Automated protection against data loss during updates, or loss/misuse after device retirement.
  • Simplified compliance with internal and software vendor compliance requirements.

* Available as an Add-On

Proactive license management that reduces risk and cost

Matrix42 License Management empowers organizations with a fully centralized management system. It provides capabilities for process-oriented monitoring and management of license compliance while involving end-users too. The module provides automatic reporting about unused licenses and missing entitlements, enabling continuous optimization of your software investments.


  • Customizable settings for automatic compliance reconciliation with metrics for all vendors.
  • Proactive notification about failed compliance and expiring licenses.
  • Powerful reporting on license inventory, compliance and cost saving potential.
  • Seamless integration with other Matrix42 IT asset management tools.

Your benefits

  • Save up to 30% of software costs by identifying unused or underutilized licenses.
  • Minimize resources needed for license management and audit fulfillment.
  • Avoid financial penalties for compliance failures or non-compliant rollouts.
  • Secure fast ROI through easy, rapid integration with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Rely on a proven solution used by more than 1500+ customers.
  • Align IT more closely with business needs through complete visibility of software assets and usage patterns.

Automated user self-service that reduces your IT support costs significantly

Matrix42 Service Catalog is an automated, self-service portal available online and via Matrix42’s iPhone and iPad apps, that provides users with a fast, easy but controlled way to order and access IT services from any device. This reduces help desk calls by up to 40% and cuts support costs by up to 70%.


  • Intuitive self-service access for users to tailored portfolios of IT and non-IT services within the terms of corporate, IT and compliance policies.
  • Automated approval processes and visualized information on progress, current status and next steps for all service requests.
  • Easy integration of automated service provisioning tools, such as software distribution, Active Directory management, VDI, scripting engines or security management.
  • Seamless integration into your service desk to simplify and streamline manual provisioning tasks.
  • Automatic service cross-charging based on actual consumption.

Your benefits

  • Up to 70% lower IT support costs through automated business and technical service request processes.
  • Improved user satisfaction through fast, easy service request and fulfillment.
  • Greater accountability and cost transparency for the IT department.
  • Lower business risk through simplified compliance fulfillment, thanks to automatic alignment of service requests with defined policies.
  • More resources available for value creation through IT, with up to 40% fewer help desk calls.
  • Improved image for IT through improved efficiency, user satisfaction and cost transparency.


Fast, easy workflow design and management

Matrix42 Workflow Studio is a new graphical design tool for creating and modifying IT service delivery workflows such as approval processes, provisioning tasks or change management workflows.


  • Integration of design tool into management console for fast access and easy collaborative editing of workflow designs.
  • A comprehensive repository of activities, templates and entire workflows.
  • Dedicated wizards and flexible categorization to manage even very large repositories.
  • Integrated versioning and workflow history for managing changes.
  • Visual workflow tracking for easy identification and analysis of issues.
  • Repository extensions and staging support for extension of workflows with imported new or 3rd-party activities or components.
  • Process automation through easy integration of workflows into the existing workspace management framework.

Your benefits

  • Better, faster workflow design through intuitive interfaces and easy collaborative editing of workflows, components and templates.
  • Successful workflow execution guaranteed through automated creation of new versions, and easy restoration and republication of old versions.
  • Fast resolution of workflow issues through status monitoring and real-time analysis.
  • Accommodation of any workflow scenario with easy import and integration of new and 3rd-party activities or components.
  • Greater process efficiency through automation enabled by easy integration of workflows into the workspace management framework.

Help users wherever they are and control any system in seconds

The Matrix42 Remote Control Add-on enables support technicians to provide live, online support at any time by letting them access any user’s system in seconds, even if it’s protected by firewalls.


  • Remote control via the cloud, enabling control over remote workers' laptops and PCs at home, at a hotel, or the office next door with just an internet connection.
  • Multiple connections to a single device, allowing direct access to unattended computers, or on demand sessions with user interaction.
  • Multi-screen support, allowing extended support capabilities through white boarding, audio and video, and exchangeable viewing direction.
  • Terminal server support, enabling troubleshooting and remote control of terminal server sessions with a browser via full Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) integration – no VPN connection required.
  • 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring security and compliance with Active Desktop or passphrase authentication, and comprehensive logging to prevent abuse.
  • In-session integrated file transfer between host and master, including upload and download functionality with integrated rights and role management.
  • Integrated port mapping, for establishing a trusted network link and allowing access to LAN services from admin during remote session.
  • System customization and multi-language reporting, to support corporate design, functional needs and security standards.

Your benefits

  • Complete control with a 100% overview of all your systems at all times.
  • Resolve problems faster and more cost-effectively via multiple support functions and rapid screen redraw.
  • More value from IT with less time, effort and money spent on fixing devices onsite.
  • Maximum productivity for mobile workers with anytime, anywhere help desk access that’s easy to use – no training or software installation required.
  • Increased user satisfaction through faster problem resolution, minimal downtime and the scheduling of maintenance at convenient times, such as when the device is not in use.
  • Simple scalability that allows the system to grow with your business and manage up to a million clients.

The fast, easy way to create software installation packages

The Matrix42 PackageCloud provides a broad range of business-relevant applications as prepackaged but customizable software – at a fixed price. All applications are packaged by experienced experts using predefined rules and guidelines for creating and documenting software, ensuring consistent quality. They are also available for download via an easy-to-use web interface. This helps you significantly reduce the time you need to implement and roll out your Matrix42 Workspace Management solution, while ensuring more efficient operations.


  • 1700+ software packages (January 2016) for business-relevant applications.
  • Quality-assured software packages from the German market leader.
  • Easy and fast provisioning of applications as cloud services.
  • A dedicated team takes care of creation, updates and quality assurance.
  • Dual-language packages (German and English versions).
  • Approved and tested platforms – Windows 7 (x86, x64), Windows 8/8.1 (x86, x64) und Windows 10 (x86, x64).
  • Suitable for distributing software, e.g. via Matrix42 Client Management as well as Microsoft SCCM 2012 + Matrix42 Enterprise Manager
  • Single package for uninstallation, reinstallation and installation – templates can be taken from the Package Cloud.
  • Package customization and training to address customers‘ individual requirements.
  • Extensive documentation per package.
  • Seamless integration with the Matrix42 product portfolio and support processes.
  • Fixed price for all packages.

Your benefits

  • High reliability and security for rollouts through quality-assured and Matrix42-certified packages.
  • Rapid ROI and significant cost savings through fast rollouts and immediate usage of the Package Cloud.
  • Achieve more in less time by leveraging prepackaged and standardized software packages.

The easy way to keep systems up-to-date and secure

Matrix42 Patch Management automates the process of keeping systems secure, up-to-date and running efficiently by ensuring the latest patches are installed. It provides centralized patch management for Windows systems and commonly used applications from 38 additional software vendors.


  • Support for all Microsoft products and operating systems, and applications from 38 other software vendors, covering 2,000 products and 89,000 patches.
  • Scheduled distributions that apply patches to individual computers or roles.
  • Display of all installed patches on the client, whether installed by Matrix42 Patch Management or another method.
  • Scan reports for administrators or executives showing results and vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic filtering to exclude older, obsolete patches and speed up the time to a fully patched state.
  • Agent-based service.
  • Fully integrated with Matrix42 Workspace Management.

Your benefits

  • Lower business risk through the protection of systems against the latest threats as soon as patches are released.
  • Greater value from IT, as scarce resources are freed up from labor-intensive admin tasks to work on more strategic projects.

The fast, easy way to create software installation packages

Matrix42 Package Robot provides an easy way to create installation packages for distributing software using an installation recorder to implement best practice installation processes.


  • Wizard-guided setup and recording for fast, simple packaging.
  • Supports multiple languages in one package.
  • Admin automation and complex application and web application rollout support.
  • Integrated What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) installation recorder captures the process in the background automatically.
  • Integrated editor with 800 script commands for items such as hidden windows and recording web queries.
  • Automated execution of all routine tasks in Windows environments.
  • Online registration enables easy integration with web key access and other browser authentication methods into packages.
  • Easy-to-use controls allow straightforward modification of programs in menus, buttons and lists.
  • Cryptographic encoding enables subsidiaries to use the same script even with different data formats.

Your benefits

  • Lower IT costs through automation of repetitive manual tasks.
  • Reduced IT workload through easy to use controls that require minimal training and allow business users to create their own packages.
  • Increased value from IT, with less time spent on admin and software packaging, freeing up scarce resources for other projects.