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Matrix42 Package Manager Forget software packaging!

Packaging and rolling out software shouldn’t be hard work – not when there are modern tools that automate the process, making life easier for administrators and delighting users. Matrix42 Package Manager does both! Matrix42 Package Manager is an automated tool for accessing a Cloud-based repository of preconfigured software packages for Matrix42 Client Management and Microsoft SCCM.

Matrix42 Package Manager packages directly from Matrix42 Marketplace into SCCM. For commercial applications, all you need to do is add the relevant data corresponding to the instructions given and you can start using your SCCM packages or applications immediately.

All functions

  • Intuitive, modern interface
    • Access to complete software packages in just three clicks
  • Integrated registration with multiple authentication methods
    • Authentication in the Cloud by Facebook, LinkedIn, Google ID or a Matrix42 account
  • Access to more than 1.400 packages
    • Coverage of the majority of your package requirements with Matrix42 Marketplace
  • Auto-Update
    • Matrix42 Package Manager is updated automatically over the Internet, manual update procedures are completely eliminated
  • Packet editor for SCCM Application/Package settings
    • Direct Management of the most important SCCM settings through the Matrix42 Package Manager interface. This allows the user to decide whether to create an SCCM application or an SCCM package
  • Direct integration into SCCM
    • Direct integration of a downloaded package into the SCCM environment, distribution within just a few minutes

Your benefits

  • Increased user satisfaction
    • Access to Matrix42 Package Cloud enables you to accelerate your reaction time to new package requirements, which increases user satisfaction
  • More efficient use of resources
    • Manual software packaging is time-consuming! The automation of the relevant processes with Package Manager allows you to use this time for other important tasks 

Use Cases

Accelerating the Windows 10 rollout

Windows 10 will be rolled out in the company. The expense for re-packaging should be kept as low as possible.

  • Matrix42 Marketplace allows the IT team to quickly and easily access all of the conventional software packages on the market
  • Downloading is fast and uncomplicated thanks to Matrix42 Package Manager
  • The process of integration into SCCM can also be taken care of fully automated upon request

Rapid integration of new applications

There is a need for new applications that have not yet been used in the company.

  • The IT department can quickly access them through the pre-packaged applications and - in a best-case scenario - activate them for users on the day they are requested
  • User satisfaction increases significantly, because it is only a matter of hours – not days – before the software can be used

Reducing complexity

A user needs a complex package of applications. The central IT department immediately starts packaging, but has to do so alongside normal operations. This leads to constant interruptions and a noticeable delay in the rollout.

  • Access to existing script logic in Matrix42 Marketplace can significantly reduce the cost of provisioning complex applications
  • The responsible IT employee only has to make minor adjustments – if any – to the downloaded package
  • The easy packaging process minimises the expense of developing specific expertise

Note: If you face further challenges in the area of SCCM have a look to our product Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM.