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Matrix42 Mobile App


Matrix42 Mobile App No limits – efficient and simple IT Service Management on the go

The Matrix42 Mobile App for iOS and Android devices delivers the power of Matrix42 Workspace Management at your users’ fingertips, anytime and anywhere. It provides a simple, intuitive interface for end users to access your service catalog, place orders, submit help desk tickets, check the real-time status of orders and tickets, view company news, browse the company address book, and sync all contacts locally – all from the convenience of their mobile device.

Matrix42 Mobile App - What's New

Easy, fast IT Service Management from anywhere

You and your colleagues are mobile. So why isn’t your IT Service Management (ITSM)? The Matrix42 Mobile App makes mobile IT Service Management an exciting reality that you’ll want to be a part of.

  • Fast, convenient ITSM from iPhones, iPads, and Android phones
  • IT function rebranded as responsive, service-oriented and modern
  • Simple, user friendly interfaces that everyone will want to use
  • An easily accessible stream of useful company information
  • A help desk that provides support wherever the problem is, or wherever its operators are
  • Less downtime through faster, more convenient service requests, approvals and incident reporting
  • A free, seamless extension of Matrix42 Workspace Management functionality

Greater convenience + better service = a happy, productive workforce

A user requests a new application from an airport lounge. His manager approves it from the back seat of a cab. An IT administrator deploys it from the cafeteria. Welcome to a new kind of IT Service Management, with the Matrix42 Mobile App.

Convenient mobile workspace management that’s a joy to use

Maybe you can already order an IT service or create a support ticket on your laptop. But would you really do that if it were shut down and in your bag? No, you wouldn’t. What if you could do it all on your smartphone or tablet? Yes, you would. Thanks to the Matrix42 Mobile App, you can complete tasks on the go.

All functions

  • Mobile service catalog

    Enables users to request any hardware, software or service from the corporate service catalog and allows line managers to approve service requests anytime and anywhere

  • Mobile Content Management

    Browse, edit and save documents from sources provided by your company like Sharepoint, Silversync, or google drive

  • Mobile support

    User access to incident reporting, tracking progress of support tickets and the central knowledge base

  • Mobile service desk

    Users can search through the knowledge base, report problems to IT, check open incidents, track their status, and evaluate service quality

  • Mobile incident management

    Convenient on-the-go management, processing and resolution of incidents in IT and access to the integrated central knowledge base for service technicians (only available for the iPad app)

  • Company news

    Proactive updates on public company news including corporate social media feeds, and downtime or maintenance window announcements

  • Company address book

    Enables users to locate contacts from the organization’s directory and add individual contacts or all of them to their mobile device’s address book, get directions, and place calls with a few swipes and taps

Your benefits

  • Increased user satisfaction thanks to quick and intuitive access to IT services and support, and greater transparency over order and support ticket status
  • Higher end user productivity thanks to accelerated processing of support requests and reduced downtime
  • Optimal communication thanks to active provision of corporate information. The amount of support requests can be significantly reduced thanks to prompt information about maintenance work and similar matters.
  • Enhanced value and image of IT through improved service, communication, responsiveness, and process transparency
  • Up to 80 percent faster service request approvals by enabling managers to make decisions on-the-go
  • Reduced IT services expenditure through simple cost control and the return of unutilized services by users or department managers
  • Increased mobility for service desk workers through incident management and processing on-the-go via to the iPad app
Matrix42 Mobile App - Now available for Android!