Work 4.0: Matrix42 and Fraunhofer explore how we will work in the future

As digital transformation gathers pace, the world of work is set to change beyond recognition. But what form exactly are these changes likely to take? Matrix42 is participating in the joint initiative OFFICE 21® of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO), part of the eminent Fraunhofer research institute for applied sciences in Germany, to find answers through scientific research. The objective of OFFICE 21® is to explore success factors in the modern world of work. As a workplace management specialist, Matrix42 can contribute a wealth of practical experience in digital design of the workplace of tomorrow.  The OFFICE 21 innovation drive of Fraunhofer IAO aims to scout out the trends that are likely to impact on the way we work, and to develop specific action plans for designing and introducing new working models into enterprises. Based on scientific methods in labour research, the research institute and its partners are developing scenarios, concepts and solutions that can be applied in real-life practice and deliver on people’s expectations of sustainable models for working and living. The research focuses on improving communication, concentration, well-being, productivity, motivation, creativity and innovation, all of which are key to success at work. “In line with our claim ‘Smarter Workspace – Better Life’, we at Matrix42 have set ourselves the goal of improving the status quo in the world of work, and of providing answers to workspace-related questions. It’s part of our philosophy to take a forward-looking view when considering quality of life, and the sort of workspaces that people and enterprises aspire to. That is why we work closely with thought leaders from academia and research,” explains Jochen Jaser, CEO of Matrix42. "Our cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO is an excellent opportunity to contribute our expertise on modern workspace design to ongoing research. We want to channel the results into making our technologies an even better match for what people will be looking for in the future.” “In our era of digital transformation, we’re engaging with some highly exciting questions. How will we live and work in the future? How will we need to design workspace environments for knowledge workers? A dedicated research project, the joint OFFICE 21 initiative, was launched to investigate these and other issues,” says Stefan Rief, head of the Workspace Innovation Competence Center at Fraunhofer IAO. "We’re delighted to have found a partner in Maxtrix42 who is at the forefront of innovations in the important field of workspace management.” The current research phase, which finishes in 2018, focuses on factors that promote work environments conducive to innovation. The first results are due for publication in the last quarter of this year. The research also aims to identify specific ways for organisations to evolve their own practices, as well as specific pathways for individual development and for the development of workplace-related products and services.