Only the user counts: Matrix42 now in Gartner’s EMM Magic Quadrant

Analysts at Gartner have included Matrix42 for the first time in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. This puts the workspace specialist firmly among the ranks of the world’s leading vendors of EMM suites for managing mobile devices, applications and content. Among the standout benefits, analysts cite the simplicity and completeness of the solution, along with its ability to integrate seamlessly with Matrix42 solutions for client management, identity & access management, IT service management and software asset management.  “The inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management suites is an important milestone for Matrix42, and testifies to the success of our mobility strategy,” comments Oliver Bendig, CTO of Matrix42. “Multi-device work environments with mobile, hybrid, traditional and cloud-based workspaces are playing an increasingly important role for our customers. A strong EMM solution, as an important element of a wider workspace management landscape, is a vital tool for automated management of these 21st-century workspaces via a single point of control. The fact that Gartner has included Matrix42 among the top EMM providers sends out an important signal to the market, showing our customers that Matrix42 is a forward-thinking partner they can rely on.” The Gartner EMM Quadrant is a market overview by technology analysis company Gartner on the currently most promising and innovative vendors of Enterprise Mobility Management suites. To produce its overview, Gartner analyses the technical capabilities of the solutions and surveys each manufacturer’s customers. The list of top vendors comprises just 15 companies worldwide. Simple, integrated – and with an outstanding license model The Matrix42 solutions earned their place in the Magic Quadrant owing to a number of standout benefits. The analysts single out the integrated approach of Matrix42 for special praise: the Matrix42 EMM solution, Silverback, is integrated with the company’s own client management tools and IT service management to create a comprehensive, unified endpoint management solution with excellent ease of use. The Matrix42 licensing model, with its various bundle options, was also cited as outstanding by analysts. Customers are charged by user and not, as is the case with many other providers, by device. Irrespective of how many smartphones, tablets or PCs each user has, the customer only ever requires one license per user. This model is easier for the company to manage – and also costs less. Praise for integration and support In addition, Matrix42 customers attest to the excellent support they receive during implementation and post-rollout. The analysts also noted that Matrix42 offers extensive interfaces for automating routine IT tasks such as provisioning IT resources or revoking them when they are no longer needed.