Matrix42’s Unified Endpoint Management offers one licence for all devices

New solution suite provides comprehensive device management and user based licencing

Matrix42, a top provider of software for workspace management, today launched its Unified Endpoint Management Suite.  The solution enables effective central management of all clients and mobile devices as well as associated applications using a single licence.  Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management is available in three different bundles. Paradigm shift in workspace management The new Unified Endpoint Management Suite from Matrix42 is a response to users becoming increasingly the main focus in IT and that a device-based overview is no longer as relevant, Matrix42 is ushering in the next generation of comprehensive management tools that are built on user-based licensing and cross-system management. ‘Our new suite enables administrators to spend less time on device management and instead focus on user requirements or dedicate their time to managing strategic issues. Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management represents a long emerging paradigm shift in IT. Matrix42 is one of the first companies to use innovative solutions to take account of the fact that the boundaries between traditional and mobile devices are increasingly blurred,’ says Oliver Bendig, CTO at Matrix42. Powerful client management combined with enterprise mobility management The strengths of the new solution are founded on established Matrix42 client management and Silverback products. Client management offers attractive inventory checking options, extended MAC OS X support, faster installation of operating systems and disk imaging via unicast and multicast. This range of features is complemented by Silverback, which enables comprehensive management of mobile devices, ensures reliable data and content management, has efficient app management and supports all data security requirements. In combination with other modules, Unified Endpoint Management is an easy-to-operate and efficiency-boosting solution.   Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management bundles Matrix42 offers its Unified Endpoint Management Suite in three different versions. ‘Essential’ includes the current version of Matrix42 Client Management as well as Silverback. ‘Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management’ offers even more functions, as it features the Matrix42 Service Catalogue and the Service Desk. ‘Matrix42 Total User Workspace Management’ is the most comprehensive version available and includes comprehensive workflow management with a graphical workflow tool and KPMG-certified Matrix42 Licence Management. Further information about new Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management