emt Adds Matrix42 Workspace Management Solutions to Toolkit

Opportunities for partners with Matrix42 Workspace Management

emt Distribution supports Matrix42’s channel focus in Australia

Cyber security specialist, emt Distribution today announced an exclusive Australian and New Zealand distribution partnership with Matrix42, a leader in workspace management solutions, to help organisations and technology resellers maximise IT administration efficiency and improve security while minimising licensing costs.

 emt’s range of cyber security solutions mitigate the vast majority of cyber attack vectors. They address the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD’s) Top 4 Strategies to mitigate targeted cyber intrusions – application whitelisting, patching applications, patching operating systems, and privileged account management.

“Matrix42 puts organisations in control of user workspaces by automating the discovery, provisioning and patching of software across desktops and mobiles,” said Richard Rundle, CEO of emt. “By controlling and simplifying their computing environments they can more easily secure against targeted attacks.”

“The cost to Australian and New Zealand business of uncontrolled and unauthorised applications, the struggle to stay on top of mobile infrastructure and the over-investment in software licenses is staggering,” said Rundle. “Controlling, automating and securing the processes and workflows can reduce costs to ANZ businesses by as much as 30%.”


Opportunities for partners with Matrix42 Workspace Management

Since the acquisition of Australian enterprise mobility company Silverback in 2014, Matrix42’s products – Unified Endpoint Management, Service Management, Software Asset Management and MyWorkspace – have evolved from internal software distribution and provisioning tools into extensive process and workflow integration solutions.

In partnership with emt, Matrix42 has adopted a 100% channel sales model in Australia and New Zealand. Classified by research firm Gartner as a “visionary” in its Magic Quadrant analysis, Matrix42 offers reseller partners outstanding business opportunities for consulting, implementation and support.

As part of its commitment, emt Distribution has employed two staff members dedicated to Matrix42 and is in the process of expanding its team, said Rundle. “With the addition of Matrix42 to our portfolio, our partners have an opportunity to go beyond offering just security, software asset management or IT service management by combining all three.”

Matrix42 values strategic co-operation with IT resellers and service providers with strong consulting and integration know-how. The company prides itself on fast and uncomplicated onboarding to new partners, supports them intensively in business development and customer care, and insists on high quality, flexibility and personal collaboration.

“We offer our partners not only exciting local and global projects but also access to our customers and thus business opportunities beyond the projects,” said Philippe Ortodoro, Senior VP of Global Sales for Matrix42.


Established and growing customer base

Existing Matrix42 customers include major retailers and financial institutions in Australia. The collaboration with emt Distribution and its channel partners will lead to strong growth in customer numbers, according to Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42.

“The exclusive partnership with emt is an important step for our continued growth in Australia and New Zealand,” said Bendig. “The Asia Pacific region is a significant market for us, which we can develop together with emt and our regional partners.”

According to Scott Hagenus, Chief Marketing Officer for emt, Frost & Sullivan’s recent Australian Mobile Device Management (MDM) report forecast a compound annual growth rate of 20% until 2021.

“As demand grows, MDM and workspace management systems are becoming more sophisticated,” said Hagenus. “Service provision and endpoint management, particularly for mobile devices, are huge absorbers of time. Matrix42 excels at this, so instead of fighting fires, organisations can control, simplify and better secure their computing environments.”