Matrix42 Systems not affected by Heartbleed

Immediately after we’ve been informed about the openSSL ‘Heartbleed’ generic zero day vulnerability our Security Incident Response team investigated the potential implications for Matrix42 and its customers. The investigation concluded that our systems are not affected by this issue. ‘Heartbleed’ is a serious vulnerability in openSSL which affects many web-based applications. Matrix42 and AirWatch products do not use the vulnerable version of SSL, this means your data was not at risk at any time. We can also confirm that the load balancers used in the Matrix42 Cloud are not vulnerable.As you know, we provide our customers with username and passwords to access Matrix42 website, our Matrix42 feedback portal or the Matrix42 Package Cloud. We strongly recommend that Matrix42 passwords are unique and different from those for private use or for other systems and websites which might have been vulnerable. If you have any doubts, we encourage users to initiate a password reset.We are fully committed to protecting all of the information that you have entrusted to us. Matrix42 takes this incident seriously and will work with you to assure the security of your data. If you have further questions or concerns, you may contact our Matrix42 Support team.