Matrix42 Presents Cloud-Based Security-as-a-Service Solution

Customers benefit from even faster implementation, lower costs, and high reliability for malware protection

Digital workspace experience specialist Matrix42 presents a cloud-based data protection solution. This complements the existing on-premises software with Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) from the Matrix42 cloud. For customers, this means added security that does not need to be implemented in their own network. 


Advantages of the new Security-as-a-Service solution

The new Security-as-a-Service solution from Matrix42 offers even faster implementation to customers. The elimination of hardware procurement and maintenance leads to reduced cost and delivers extremely high reliability. Partners and service providers can use this service to offer additional services even faster and more flexibly than a managed security service while offering customers a solution tailored to their needs.


The SaaS solution hosted in the Matrix42 cloud is already available. The solution includes features such as multi-client support, https communication, role-based management, customizable console layouts, and multi-tenant license reporting for managed service providers, thus delivering comprehensive malware protection. Alternatively, providers can continue to host Matrix42’s EgoSecure Data Protection on-premises solution in their own data center.


IT relief through Security-as-a-Service

Matrix42 estimates that security risks associated with smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks, home office use, and IoT have increased significantly. For this reason, it is important for IT security manufacturers to increasingly automate and network their solutions. By migrating components into the cloud, companies can free up IT resources.


“With the growing threat of malware, security is a central challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Cloud-based solutions make this challenge significantly more manageable, which is why they are increasingly in demand. We are responding to this trend with our new Security-as-a-Service solution,” says Sergej Schlotthauer, VP Security at Matrix42.


According to experts, cloud-first strategies are becoming more and more important. Research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that by 2022 the cloud services sector will grow almost three times as fast as the IT services market as a whole. Matrix42 will address this development even more strongly in the future, and the Security-as-a-Service solution now unveiled represents a further building block.


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