Matrix42 Delivers the MyWorkspace ‘IT Pass’ for all Applications and Devices

Single sign-on for on-premise applications, SaaS solutions, and web apps

Matrix42 presents a new product for identity and access management with a distinctly innovative character with MyWorkspace. It is a simple, secure, multi-device single sign-on for all applications and data and fulfills the requirements of the IT department and user alike. Interested companies have the opportunity to register as trial customers for MyWorkspace either at CeBIT or online. The use of SaaS solutions and web apps in businesses has skyrocketed. Forrester Research noted a dramatic increase in the interest in SaaS applications, including in core areas such as ERP, in its study from 2014 entitled ‘Application Adoption Trends: The Rise of SaaS.’ On average, each company will used 66 different SaaS applications in 2015. At the same time, managers are greatly concerned about information security and data protection. For users, the number of Internet addresses and login data they need to keep tabs on increases with each new solution. As a result it raises the pressure on IT to make an ‘IT pass’ available for as many applications as possible. Dirk Eisenberg, Principal Architect at Matrix42 ,explained that, “We deliver precisely this ‘IT pass’ with MyWorkspace, as it equally fulfills the requirements of both the company and the user. MyWorkspace consolidates all applications used by an employee into a personal cloud. The user only now needs to remember a single login – the one for MyWorkspace – and can then use all of his or her solutions and apps without having to enter any more passwords.” Simple and Available on any DeviceBy acting as a single sign-on for all applications, MyWorkspace eliminates the need for users to manage cumbersome passwords. This enables employees to have access to the workstation they are accustomed to, regardless of which end device they are using at the moment, or where they are working. Administration of login data and bookmarks is a thing of the past for MyWorkspace users. They have their digital identity under complete control and can open apps and web applications with a single click on the corresponding icon within their workspace. MyWorkspace also leads to improvements in productivity as a result of simple and quick access to all applications and data. Mr. Eisenberg continues: “With MyWorkspace we have come up with a simple-to-use solution that specifically answers the question of complexity in identity and access management. MyWorkspace can be used intuitively and can be personalized. It ensures the context-based deployment of apps, data, and documents, or in other words it provides the right apps, documents, and data at the right time and on the right device. MyWorkspace is available for PC/Mac and as a browser version for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.”   More Security, Less ComplexityThe topic of security is highly complex, rather explosive, and for a company’s IT department a major challenge. MyWorkspace offers IT managers managed and reliable on- and off-boarding processes, as well as control of workspace access and the opportunity to implement a company’s security and compliance guidelines. The IT department can offer users the option of prepackaged applications, quickly set up an account for a new employee, and just as quickly delete an account when an employee leaves the company. Another important advantage of MyWorkspace is that it enables deployment of IT services. “With MyWorkspace, IT has control over the entire lifecycle of applications and identities, as well as an employee’s IT lifecycle,” adds Mr. Eisenberg.   Cost-optimized SolutionMyWorkspace seamlessly integrates into a company’s existing infrastructure. The effort required for packaging preconfigured cloud solutions, SaaS applications, and mobile apps is minimal. Administrators can also quickly integrate applications that have not been preconfigured. The company also profits from the ability to create a summary of licensing, thereby optimizing the licensing costs for mobile and SaaS solutions. MyWorkspace is available in different versions, depending on the company’s requirements: Fremium, Gold, and Platinum.  CeBIT: Trial Customers Welcome!Matrix42 will present all facets of MyWorkspace at the 2015 CeBIT and has invited interested companies to register as trial customers. They will be able to use the MyWorkspace Platinum Edition for 30 days. Anyone unable to visit the Matrix42 booth at CeBIT (Hall 3, Booth 18) can register here for the trial version. More information about MyWorkspace