Matrix42 Client Management 2015: Streamlined Administration and Smarter Rollouts

Latest release is user-friendly and supports the most recent technologies

Matrix42 is today launching Matrix42 Client Management 2015, the new version of its well-known Empirum client management solution. The release includes more than 30 enhancements and new functions for the administration of desktops and applications, streamlines the deployment of workplaces, and increases the productivity of administrators and users. The new Matrix42 Client Management 2015 makes the process of managing physical workspaces that much easier. Because it works in combination with Matrix42 Compliance and Matrix42 IT Service Management, it is also unmatched in the scope of features it offers. The solution supports a wide variety of platforms, has minimal infrastructure requirements, and features extensive packaging tools and ‘ship to desk’ support. It also provides recovery and migration functions as well as key interfaces to other systems, helping prevent redundancies.Five core administrator requirements satisfiedMatrix42 Client Management 2015 also puts an end to issues that previously slowed administrators down in their work.Streamlined deployment of depot servers with https support. Direct user support thanks to prioritized processing of push orders and individual orders and reinstallations for the simultaneous processing of major jobs.Company employees can also now carry out patch management externally via the cloud.The availability of the Matrix42 infrastructure is guaranteed at all times thanks to dedicated backup servers and load balancing. The latest operating systems from Microsoft and Apple are fully supported. ‘Customer feedback provided the basis for these key changes,’ says Horst Droege, Chief Product Architect at Matrix42. ‘That’s one of the main reasons the product development team put so much energy into making rollouts less obtrusive and more user-friendly. The new version features even more configuration options regarding the time and scope of updates and rollouts.’ Numerous advantages for administrators and usersThe latest version of Matrix42 Client Management delivers numerous advantages to existing customers. It increases employee productivity by preventing downtime caused by missing hardware or software configurations, installations, or updates. This in turn increases user satisfaction by allowing employees to work uninterrupted and by delivering a high degree of automation that provides real benefits to administrators. Fewer manual tasks and extensive standardization result in a more reliable workflow. The solution also offers appealing self-service options and delivers professional license management thanks to integration into Matrix42 Compliance and Matrix42 IT Service Management. Matrix42 Client Management 2015 is available now. For further information, visit