Matrix42 Chatbot Autonomously Solves Technical Problems

Virtual Support Agent Serves as Personal Assistant to Help Employees and Reduce the IT Department’s Workload

Matrix42, the specialist for digital workspace experience solutions, has presented a very special aid for modern workspaces in the shape of a new Virtual Support Agent – an intelligent chatbot that acts as a personal assistant. And what’s more, the agent is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which means that it’s continuously learning. Its potential applications reduce the workload in many processes. Firstly, it serves as a personal assistant to employees and makes their day-to-day work easier when it comes to technical issues. Secondly, the tool aids the IT support team, as the AI solution provides answers to all kinds of IT problems and issues that regularly crop up in the workplace.


The Virtual Support Agent is an add-on for Matrix42 Service Management. Employees can contact the chatbot via different channels, such as Microsoft Teams, and describe their problem to it. The chatbot develops a proposed solution, which it then carries out autonomously.


Matrix42's chatbot is user-friendly and eager to learn

The AI solution is easy for users to install. It can be used via the Matrix42 Service Desk, Service Catalog, and Knowledge Base. It continuously learns and improves communication with users – and is thus developing into a help service that’s available 24/7. In doing so, the solution is able to make the most of all available options – especially in Microsoft Teams – but it can also be used in other communication media. It has progressed so much that the assistant is now even able to recognize emotions and react accordingly! It notices, for example, when the user is dissatisfied with a situation and is likely to escalate the situation – making forwarding the issue to a human support employee necessary.


This support service allows employees to focus on creative and more complex aspects of their work. Customers benefit from faster and more efficient customer service. The Virtual Support Agent – affectionately called “Marvin” – offers clear advantages to management, too. It reduces the IT department’s workload, creates happier customers, increases productivity, and contributes to a more pleasant work environment.


Intelligent chatbots are a real relief and are becoming increasingly important

More and more companies are taking the plunge and enjoying the advantages that intelligent chat systems have to offer. “Chatbots like our Virtual Support Agent are becoming increasingly important in the modern world of work. Employees and customers are often scattered across the globe, which poses a major challenge to IT infrastructures,” says Fabian Henzler, VP Product Strategy at Matrix42. “Technical problems can occur around the clock. So companies need a tool that can solve them quickly at any time. The solution can be expanded, configured, and integrated as desired. It is update-proof, and without complex customizing processes."


The Virtual Support Agent forms part of Matrix42 Service Management. It enables organizations to automate services – from ordering, to installation and deployment, right through to invoicing in the ERP system.  At the same time, customers enjoy unrestricted use of Matrix42 solutions or can integrate individual products into other manufacturers’ systems. Employees can access applications or releases via the Self Service Portal.