Matrix42 and Incit Technology offer software licence compliance master class

Microsoft Licencing experts, the Licencing School to discuss best practices at Birmingham based event

Matrix42 today announced the latest software licence compliance event will be held in Birmingham on 15th May. Featuring Microsoft licence compliance gurus Paul Burgum and Louise Ulrick of the Licensing School, the event will provide best practice guidance from a panel of experts and practitioners. One of the major issues with software licensing is that the agreements have become so complex that many organizations find it difficult to know what they are actually entitled to and how to measure this.  It is also frequently unclear who in an organization has responsibility for what in terms of license compliance management. As a result, many organizations find themselves overpaying for licences or at significant risk of incurring fines for compliance failures.Stuart Power, Sales Manager UK, Matrix42 said, “Good licence compliance offers organizations the opportunity to both save money by rationalizing and optimizing licences whilst also ensuring you can pass the ever more frequent compliance audits from major vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM and Oracle.  That is why we have partnered with Incit Technology to run another software licence compliance master class.  Feedback from the first event held in London was overwhelmingly positive and I am pleased to now bring the same panel of experts to Birmingham on 15th May.”The agenda for the event ‘conquering the licence compliance challenge’ features best practice guidance from a panel of compliance experts:‘Understanding the Challenges in Licence Compliance Management’. Putting licence compliance challenges into context and building a framework for solving them.‘The top 10 gotcha’s in Microsoft licensing’.  Paul Burgum and Louise Ulrick of The Licensing School will use their wealth of experience from careers at Microsoft to explain how you can avoid common licencing pitfalls.‘Compliance in Practice’. Matrix42 will share the lessons learned from implementing licence compliance solutions that really work.Steve Massie of Incit Technology said ‘Having spent the past dozen years helping organizations with license audits I have come to appreciate how poorly understood software licensing is. And yet license compliance is not only a legal necessity but is something that is increasingly being audited. In this event we are looking to clarify the complexities of licensing systems and advise, using our own experiences, on how best to address the challenges these pose via best practice processes, organization and, possibly, technology.”