KPMG certifies Matrix42 Compliance Suite

Solution once again scores top marks in every criteria

Matrix42, a top provider of software for workspace management, today announced that its compliance solution has been certified by KPMG. For the second year, the compliance and IT asset management suite achieved the highest possible score in all categories during the certification process. The award is a recognised certificate, comparable with similar quality marks from leading software manufacturers. The certificate allows KPMG to once again confirm that the compliance solution from Matrix42 contains all of the necessary key features and software catalogue content to support companies’ software licensing guidelines. Companies that map their licence management with Matrix42 are in a position to comply with the licence requirements of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and all other common software manufacturers and thereby be well positioned to cope with an audit. ‘We are delighted that our solution again achieved the highest possible score in all of the test categories,’ says Torsten Boch, Senior Product Manager at Matrix42. ‘Companies that use our compliance suite to support their licence management are always well prepared for audits.’ Management of software licenses and assets plays an increasingly important role in business management. Executives in charge of IT or software procurement understand that the implementation of professional management solutions not only provides legal security, but also can uncover enormous potential for savings.  However, it requires the company to use a holistic solution that can both map complex license conditions and be integrated into all crucial IT processes. Torsten Boch added ‘Matrix42 license management takes all conceivable license models into account – from niche solutions right through to the major software providers. That’s why organisations should examine this task from a strategic viewpoint.’