Experton Vendor Benchmark 2016 confirms Matrix42 as digital workspace management solutions leader

Matrix42 is the 2016 leading supplier for digital workspace management solutions, according to the latest Vendor Benchmark study by Experton Group. The research company particularly highlights the comprehensive and increasingly integrated portfolio of the workspace management experts. The company also secures its edge through the unique way it connects technical workspace deployment with administrative data and its own license management solution. Due to its unmatched portfolio attractiveness, the experts placed Matrix42 at the top of the list of providers ahead of Microsoft und VMware.   Digital workspace management solutions play a major role in digital work by enabling overarching device management of the formerly separated functionalities of mobile device and desktop management. In the latest provider benchmark study by the Experton Group, Matrix42 has been placed at the top of the “leaders” quadrant for this most prestigious discipline, ranking ahead of Microsoft and VMWare. According to Experton, leader providers have, “Highly attractive product and service offerings and a distinct market and competitive position.” They are also known as, “Strategic impulse generators and opinion leaders,” and as, “Guarantors for innovative strength and stability.” Regarding Matrix42 in particular, the study emphasized the company’s strong momentum in the German market for digital workplace solutions, with the expectation that the company will grow from its already strong position. The analyst firm went on to praise the German provider’s comprehensive and increasingly integrated portfolio that also includes mobile devices. The solution for the integrated provision of license overviews for different applications and types of devices is seen as especially impressive. “Matrix42 combines workspace management with a balance sheet for corporate licenses and therefore has strong arguments on its side for an optimization of the overall IT costs,” said Dr. Henning Dransfeld, manager, advisor and program manager of mobile enterprise at the Experton Group about the positioning of Matrix42. Commenting on the news, Oliver Bendig, CTO at Matrix42 said: “Our excellent position as the leader amongst providers for digital workspace management solutions is a fantastic endorsement of the integrated course we are consistently pursuing with our product strategy.” He added: “It proves that we were absolutely right in focusing over the last few years on the demands and requirements of the knowledge workers of today and tomorrow. The Experton leader distinction is a strong incentive for the entire team to keep on producing innovative solutions for the simple management of digital workspaces for our customers.” Matrix42 also leading in the mobile sector Experton also places Matrix42 in the leader segment in the sub-sectors mobile device management (MDM) solutions and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. The analysts say that with Silverback, Matrix42 has developed its own solution for MDM, facilitating a simple and fast rollout. It added that the company can also use its excellent market position in digital workspace management for mobile device management. Regarding Matrix42’s EMM solution offering, the experts praise the solid scope of functions for mobile application management as well as the secure handling of cloud repositories via the Matrix42 mobile app.