Experton Group Names Matrix42 Leader in the Management of Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, and Desktops for a Third Year Running

Success with integrated mobile workspace management

Matrix42, a top provider of software for workspace management, has announced that the 2015 Mobile Enterprise Vendor Benchmark from the Experton Group has recognized Matrix42 as a leader in management software for all types of end devices for the third year running. The analysis shows that Matrix42 clearly sets itself apart from Microsoft and IBM and stands out with integrated management for mobile, physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces. The expert analysts crowned Matrix42 as leader in device management for all types of end devices as the company differentiates itself from the 12 other providers covered in the report. It was deemed to offer the most appealing product line, to be the most competitive, and to have the best strategy and vision. The increase in license contracts, expansion of the partner network, growth experienced by the company, and acquisition of customers who use the Matrix42 workspace management solution as a Software-as-a-Service also contributed to the company achieving its high ranking as a leader in the field. “We are delighted to have once again been named as a leading provider. It reinforces our strategy for integrated workspace management, which we will continue to pursue for our customers in the future,” explains Jochen Jaser, CEO at Matrix42. Fully functional mobile work environments The workspace management solution from Matrix42 provides simple, seamless management of all end-user workspaces from both a technology and business perspective. In addition to mobile device, mobile application, and mobile content management, the solution features intelligent integration with IT service and software asset management functions, making it possible to optimize provisioning processes and minimize costs. Mobile workspaces are transformed into fully functional workstations with the help of Matrix42 workspace management. The integrated self-service options likewise help reduce an IT department’s workload while lowering costs and demand on HR resources in the process. An end-to-end concept is required Nowadays, top executives consider mobile enterprise to be business-critical. The correspondingly high expectations in terms of mobile productivity and the support and optimization of business processes have mostly not been met, according to the Experton analysts, who consider central framework structures for the provision of end devices and applications to be essential in optimizing the business-related benefits for all mobile employees. The analysts agree that an end-to-end mobility concept is needed to increase the potential of the mobile enterprise. Many companies only focus on the disciplines of mobile device and mobile application management when implementing their mobile management strategy. However, this only covers some of the many challenges that mobility poses for companies. “Early integration into the traditional client, IT service, and software asset management delivers greater added-value regarding user productivity and costs,” says Oliver Bendig, CTO at Matrix42. “The results from the Experton study confirm the feedback we have received from our customers in that it no longer makes sense to separate IT management disciplines as the line between mobile and traditional IT workspaces become increasingly blurred. Having an integrated solution is an indispensable part of any successful mobility strategy.” Click the following link for detailed information on the mobile workspace management product available from Matrix42: