Eckhard Wernich Appointed International Sales Manager at Matrix42

Charged with creating and developing partnerships with system vendors and integrators

Eckard Wernich image Matrix42 (, a top provider of software for workspace management has announced that Eckhard Wernich has taken over responsibility for international sales with a focus on the emerging markets at Matrix42. The experienced sales specialist with an excellent network of contacts deals will manage the systematic development of markets in the U.K., the Benelux region, and Australia, as well as international partnerships with VARs and SIs. “International growth is one of our top three business goals for the coming years. We've brought on board Eckhard Wernich as an expert in international sales to join the Matrix42 team so we can expand direct and indirect sales in a structured manner in the U.K., the Benelux region, and Australia. Together with the local Matrix42 teams in the various countries, we are very much looking forward to seeing significantly international expansion,” explains Michael Schmidt, COO of Matrix42.International NetworkEckhard Wernich is moving to Matrix42 from ISCOM Consulting AB, where he was employed as channel director. Previously, he worked as a region manager for Western Europe in the Hansaworld Group. His career includes various senior positions at companies such as Jeeves Information Systems AB, KUMAvision AG, proALPHA Software AG, and Siemens AG. He brings years of experience in sales, partner management, and business development, as well as an extensive professional network.  Focus on Market Access and Growth with PartnersEckhard Wernich enhances the Matrix42 ecosystem particularly due to his experience in establishing indirect sales structures, in addition to extensive skills in business development and direct sales. “Solid strategic partnerships are of immense importance for the success of our company. We not only maintain our large network of sales partners in each country, but the appointment of Eckhard Wernich as international sales manager also gives a clear signal in the direction of the internationally active VARs and SIs with whom we work. We will significantly strengthen our activities in this area and continuously expand our network with the inclusion of Mr. Wernich, but at the same time we will invest in the quality of work as partners applying a targeted approach,” explains Markus Baumann, VP for Sales at Matrix42.Remote ManagementEckhard Wernich will work from Strömstad, Sweden unless he is on-site with clients, partners, or at the Matrix42 headquarters in Frankfurt. Matrix42 provides customers with products for managing modern and mobile workstations. However, employees like Eckhard Wernich also benefit significantly from this. The possibilities of the virtual work environment can also be used internally with maximum effect so that senior positions can also be carried out remotely with ease.Markus Baumann adds, “For us, the geographic distance of an employee is not a challenge. The organizational, technical, and legal requirements are met and we have very good experiences in terms of cooperation within our growing international team. As a result, we are more flexible with recruiting; we can decide on the most competent candidate, without having to consider geographical restrictions, and offer these candidates the opportunity to work in a flexible team and company.”