Baumer Group Achieves Worldwide Integrated Client Management with Matrix42

Better service at lower cost with Matrix42 Workspace Automation

2,100 Baumer Group employees around the globe are benefiting from faster, improved IT support following the introduction of uniform processes for workspace management and standardized software distribution. All of the company’s international locations are supported by the central IT team at headquarters, which has been able to increase the quality of support at lower cost following the introduction of Matrix42 Physical. The Baumer Group, based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, is the international leader in automated image processing with 37 subsidiaries that operate from 19 countries. The Baumer Group has been using the Asset, License, and Contract Management modules from Matrix42 since 2004, and the Service Desk module since 2008.The company has also been automating and improving the management of its workspaces with Matrix42 Physical since 2012. “Before, we had a situation where the IT departments in our various locations around the world were acting on their own, without any specifications as to how clients were to be installed. This resulted in us having any number of different clients using various operating systems and the policies in place also varied from location to location,” explains Doreen Dietze, IT Services Team Leader at Baumer Management Services AG. End of Labor-intensive AdministrationGrowing demand for IT support and a requirement to deliver better service for users meant that the Group was faced with the decision of either increasing the support team or putting an end to labor-intensive administration and standardizing hardware, software, and peripherals. “We discovered that we had 4,500 applications at the Baumer Group. This figure was too high and the costs involved were not sustainable in the long run,” explains Dietze.The first stage of the client standardization project centered on software distribution. After just one day of support from Matrix42, Baumer Group experts were able to set up the client operating system in Matrix42 Physical themselves. This part of the project largely focused on conceptual issues and decisions (for example, template synchronization times, etc.) A policy applicable to all clients across the Group was then established, and the system was rolled out in all international locations.Better Services, Lower CostsToday, 2,100 end users are benefiting from uniform processes and standardized software distribution. “A user’s system is ready for operation with the preferred configuration in two to three hours, regardless of which Baumer location the employee is currently working in,” says Dietze. Baumer employees now enjoy much faster support, as problems are reported by ticket and solved in a short space of time. Locations lacking their own IT department now receive support from headquarters thus eliminating the cost of external service providers. The administrators can now support all clients in the Group, as every device and every piece of software is known, documented, and approved. The number of support requests has fundamentally fallen thanks to the new system.Next Stages Already PlannedOnce the client standardization project is complete it will be followed by an implementation phase for Windows 8 tablets. A trial for Matrix42 Mobile for managing smartphones and tablets is also in the pipeline. Nadia Bischof, Country Manager Switzerland at Matrix42: “The Baumer projects consistently show that heavily process-based client management goes a long way to realizing projects effectively and within the planned timetable. The Baumer Group is therefore getting maximum value from our integrated workspace management solutions to provide top-quality IT support efficiently and at a manageable cost, despite the complexity associated with supporting so many international locations.”