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Identity & Access Management

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing IT departments and businesses today: enabling mobile working without compromising on security or slowing users down with convoluted procedures, and the need to remember multiple passwords and URLs. Find out how modern, Web-based approaches to identity and access management are helping organizations solve that challenge, and provide many more benefits besides.

Today’s employees access corporate data from a range of locations, apps and devices – not all of them secure or even owned by the organization. This represents a security risk, and one that is increasing all the time, thanks to increasing employee mobility, the use of private devices for work, and the rapid evolution of threats. But enabling mobile productivity for employees is now non-negotiable. Today’s ‘digital natives’ expect an easy, convenient and fun mobile working experience, using the devices and apps they prefer. So, how can organizations enable reliable, straightforward mobile access to workspaces, apps and data that is truly secure – and block that access immediately as soon as an employee leaves the company?

Dynamic Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management is a discipline that ensures only the right people have fast, secure access to the right corporate resources, at the right time and the right place. The best solutions enable dedicated access rights to be provided and withdrawn instantly, and manage access to applications, business data, devices and user IDs within a single, centralized Web-based environment.

Introducing Matrix42 MyWorkspace

Matrix42 MyWorkspace is the only solution on the market that combines identity and access management with workspace compliance, device management, SaaS and Web applications, as well as content integration and remote maintenance, within a single Web-based platform. Users get fast, single password access to all the corporate resources they need to perform at their best within one, secure browser-based workspace, accessible via any device. And consistent separation of business and personal data means employees can use personal devices for work without compromising corporate data security, or their own privacy.

Meanwhile, IT managers only have one system to manage that gives them complete visibility and control over who is accessing what and from where – and the ability to block that access at the click of a mouse. And business managers get the peace of mind they need to enable mobile working and maximize business productivity at minimum cost and risk.

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