Whitepaper: Smart Service Management for Happy Customers

To succeed in this complex and rapidly evolving environment, today’s IT service managers need to find new ways of:

• Achieving complete IT cost transparency

• Working faster and more efficiently at scale

• Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction

White paper: Smart Service Management for Happy Customers

This white paper explains how a holistic, integrated approach to Service Management, using modern automation and management tools, enables Service Managers to meet these challenges.

The benefits include:

• Lower, transparent costs through easy, continuous cost-optimisation

• Happier customers through faster, more reliable service provision that enables greater productivity

• Lower business risk by reducing or eliminating shadow IT

• Greater potential profitability through redirecting IT resources from service administration to service innovation

Matrix42 Service Management is a best-in-class, fully integrated Service Management solution, backed by decades of successful IT service and workspace management experience, that helps today’s IT service managers deliver these benefits to their organisations easily and quickly. Moreover, by doing so, IT service managers can prove their value to CIOs as they strive to transform the image of the corporate IT department from a necessary cost centre, to a business-enabling profit centre.