KWM WEISSHAAR controls security from central console

“The combination of Matrix42 Workspace Management, and the integration of EgoSecure and Avira within a centralized management environment, creates a solution that is significantly more effective than any other I have seen.” (Peter Henning, IT-Administrator, KWM WEISSHAAR)

KWM WEISSHAAR is a leading supplier of innovative metal and sheet-metal branch products. The workstations of almost 500 employees in Mosbach, Germany, are now managed centrally and securely at the same time.

Read how KWM WEISSHAAR achieved this:
  • Selection of a workspace management tool without unnecessary and expensive additional functions
  • Remote access and troubleshooting, all from a central console
  • Minimal software distribution effort and easy onboarding of new employees
  • Usage and application control of all devices including automatic notification in case of attacks