Case Study

Haag-Streit AG keeps its IT day-to-day business manageable with new Client Management Suite

We need a standardized Windows environment so that we can manage our day-to-day business with our team. Lastly, we had the problem that not all drivers were installed properly. The result was repeated manual reworking.

Matrix42 is the perfect solution. We don't know any missing drivers anymore. As soon as a new hardware is integrated and the Bios settings are correct, the operating system will be installed almost automatically ", Robert Kohler, Head of Computer Science at Haag-Streit.

Haag-Streit AG in Köniz, Switzerland, is a global leader in the field of ophthalmology with a special focus on diagnostic instruments and devices.

Read how Haag-Streit AG uses Client Lifecycle Management to keep day-to-day IT business simple:
  • A simple user interface allows fast handling of day-to-day business
  • Easy integration of new hardware, no more missing drivers
  • Minimum effort for software distribution through the PackageCloud
  • Problem-free Windows 10 migration after a short introduction phase