Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM

Your Web Portal for the Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Make your SCCM environment available from any location and access desired actions from any device. The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM also features additional benefits; it is easy and intuitive to use and boasts an expanded delegation and rights model, integrated packaging functions, and user participation in the software lifecycle process.

20 software changes are carried out each year per PC

Patches are rolled out at least 12 times a year

The OS is thoroughly updated twice a year

Central IT doesn’t have any information about how 90% of PCs are used

Windows 10

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Do the following sound familiar to you?

  • Providing my employees with SCCM training takes up a lot of time and money.
  • I can’t ensure that work will continue if a key employee is on vacation.
  • My users constantly complain that they’re disturbed during work.
  • If I want to make a small change to a software package, I need to open a complex packaging suite.
  • When I assign software, I need to wait a long time or even intervene in the end user’s PC to get a reaction there.
  • Error analysis is complicated.

Key Benefits

for the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM

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  • Easy-to-use-Web-Portal

    Enterprise Manager is an easy-to-use Web portal to access SCCM at any place and time. Its easy-to-use user interface enables even non-IT employees to carry out software management tasks. Thanks to a delegation and rights model that takes work in teams as well as representative rules into account, the EM can structure tasks in teams. In doing so, it is always ensures that employees share tasks among one another and are able to support each other.

  • Optional additional agent

    An optional additional agent ensures that all tasks are available as real push tasks. Software installations begin without a waiting period, and reporting also takes place in real time in the administration console. End users are integrated into the process and can make independent decisions regarding execution timeframes, reboots, and software installation.

  • Existing SCCM applications or packages to be easily expanded

    Is a registry key or a file missing, or should it be ensured that the application that needs to be updates is closed? The EM agent allows existing SCCM applications or packages to be easily expanded with the addition of classic software management tasks.



Enterprise Manager ist ein Easy-to-use-Web-Portal, um SCCM von überall und jederzeit zu erreichen. Mit einem einfach zu bedienen User-Interface befähigen Sie selbst Non-IT-Mitarbeiter, Softwaremanagement-Tasks auszuführen. Mit einem Delegations- und Rechtemodell, das die Arbeit in Teams und auch Vertreterregeln berücksichtigt, versetzt Sie der EM in die Lage, Aufgaben in Teams zu strukturieren. Dabei ist immer sichergestellt, dass Mitarbeiter Aufgaben untereinander teilen und sich unterstützen können.


Optionaler zusätzlicher Agent

Ein optionaler zusätzlicher Agent stellt sicher, dass alle Aufgaben als echte Push-Tasks zur Verfügung stehen. Softwareinstallationen starten ohne Wartezeit, und auch das Reporting an die Administrationskonsole erfolgt in Echtzeit. Dabei werden die Endanwender integriert und können über Ausführungszeiträume, Reboots und Softwareinstallation selbstständig entscheiden.


SCCM Applications oder Packages um klassische Softwaremanagement-Aufgaben erweitern.

Fehlt einmal ein Registry-Key oder eine Datei, oder soll sichergestellt werden, dass die Anwendung, die aktualisiert werden soll, geschlossen ist? Mit dem EM-Agenten können bestehende SCCM Applications oder Packages simpel um klassische Softwaremanagement-Aufgaben erweitert werden.


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How Enterprise Manager can support your IT team?

The core functions that IT users expect from Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM

Desktop-Support (Helpdesk/On-Site)

  • View an inventory check
  • View prepared reports
  • View deployment status
  • Start PC migration
  • Assign software
  • Install PCs


  • Packaging
  • Share applications
  • Share patches
  • Create reports

Application Owners

  • Share applications
  • View deployment status

Server Support

  • View an inventory check
  • Assign software
  • Install servers

End Users

  • Start software installation
  • Select installation time

IT Managers

  • View reports

Security Department

  • View an inventory check
  • View deployment status of patches

Department Specialists

  • Assign software
  • Install PCs
  • Start PC migration

25 Years

of Experience in Developing Workspace Management Products

Matrix42 has been creating future-proof workspace management software that helps increase the quality of work and life in general for 25 years. For example, it has combined client lifecycle management and enterprise mobility management to form Unified Endpoint Management.

Vendor Benchmark 2017

Experton named Matrix42 a ‘Leader’ in the area of Digital Workspace Management Solutions

Source: Experton Vendor Benchmark 2017


Why Hybrid Devices Require New Ways of Thinking

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) allows IT departments to guarantee a consistently high level of support for specialist departments – beyond all device types and operating systems.

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM



Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220



Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220


Extremely simple execution of all standard SCCM tasks from a centralized Web console

without the need for administrators to have in-depth SCCM and SQL skills:

  • Software distribution through push installation and mass rollouts
  • Expanded operating system (re)installation
  • Patch management (third-party manufacturer patches also available)
  • Inventory and reporting
  • Collection creation

Significantly improved user information for pending and executed tasks

including the option for users to book appointments for software installation using a clearly laid out calendar

End user software deployment within seconds through true push installation.

This significantly improves the first fix rate for tickets submitted to the Service Desk.

Graphical real-time reporting for software rollouts

without the need to read the log files

Target/actual comparison for inventory data from computers, including trend analysis

Differentiated control of role/user authorizations for computers, software, locations, operating systems, patches, and much more

This creates the option to delegate daily IT administration tasks (software assignment, reinstalling computers) in the field in a controlled way (the right people doing the right job).

Emergency stop function for faulty rollouts (can be controlled by the system in an automated way)

Integrated packaging logic to minimize the scripts to be created for package installations

including sequencing control and bundling packages

E-mail and automation interface with ~20 included events for interface automation

Involvement of organizational and/or commercial information in a computer’s inventory, and therefore also in reporting and rollout control.

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