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Dropbox I Matrix42 MyWorkspace

Do you want a simple way to manage your Dropbox users? MyWorkspace has you covered.

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  • MyWorkspace brings you two free applications and one free connector, so start empowering your Dropbox users today!
  • Use the MyWorkspace Cloud Connector to extend your Active Directory into the cloud, then you can start onboarding your cloud Apps using our easy to follow integration guides.

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MyWorkspace Cloud Connector is free for two apps

If you love using Dropbox and want to be able to manage employee identities using Microsoft Active Directory, then MyWorkspace is the solution for you. MyWorkspace allows you to extend your corporate users and groups into the Cloud allowing for frictionless collaboration. 

Dropbox gives your employees a secure way to collaborate on ideas, and share documents. They love the simple, effortless way information can be shared between departments, and the agile way virtual teams can come together to solve problems. Think how productive they would be using Single Sign On, removing the hassle of  multiple accounts and forgotten passwords. 

No longer remember additional usernames and passwords. You can manage Dropbox access using your everyday account management tools. This ensures users access Dropbox with confidence using secure compliant passwords.


  • How long does it take? Sign up now and you could be connecting users in a matter of minutes.  
  • How do I connect to my Active Directory? Simply download and install our Active Directory Cloud Connector, it’s that simple. 
  • What’s the catch? There is no catch. It’s free for up to 2 cloud apps. If you want to extend beyond that, we have Gold and Platinum editions. 
  • Really, free ? Yes! MyWorkspace is free for an unlimited number of users, for two cloud apps. It also includes The Launchpad, WebClips, External iDentity Providers (Google), and Custom SAML compliant Apps.