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Cloud & Saas

Any Place, any time, any app, any browser.

The future is mobile. A digital workspace that’s accessible from anywhere using a range of desk-based and mobile devices is now a must-have tool for many employees – especially the new generation of “digital natives”. They expect a secure and efficient way to access their data, apps and documents from any device, at any time, wherever they are. In fact, any business not making the most of the productivity boost that cloud-based workspaces and mobile devices enable, is at a competitive disadvantage.

Balancing needs and security

However, for IT departments, this means more complexity IT, and a tricky balancing act between meeting user needs and ensuring complete data security. Not only that, managing them can be a pain, especially if multiple systems and interfaces are required to stay in control. Within this context, what IT professionals need:

  • An easy way of integrating SaaS and Web apps into their existing infrastructure
  • Granular control over user access to apps and content
  • Simple, secure on- and off-boarding of employees
  • Centralized compliance management

All-in-one workspace management

Matrix42 MyWorkspace is a unique solution for managing digital workspaces, mobile devices, SaaS and Web applications, content integration and remote device maintenance within one, easy-to-use Web-based platform. In fact, it turns the browser into the new operating system. It also supports a wide range of identity providers including Active Directory, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for complete ID management integration and maximum user convenience.

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