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Workspace of the Future

To fulfill our mission of delivering smart workspaces, we are working constantly to develop innovative solutions ‘in advance.’ In the process, we ask ourselves the following question again and again: What makes both life and work better, now and in the future? We find answers to this question, for example, through cooperation with renowned research organizations, such as Fraunhofer Institute and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.

Matrix42 and Fraunhofer conduct joint research into how we will work in the future.

Digitization is changing the professional world. But what exactly does this mean for individuals and for the ways in which we will perform our work in the future? To answer this question, we participate in a number of projects such as OFFICE 21®, a joint research initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Work Management and Organization IAO.

The OFFICE 21 innovation campaign researches current and future developments related to the working world. The participants work together to develop specific courses of action for the successful design and implementation of new working environments within companies. The goal is to improve communication, concentration, well-being, productivity, motivation, creativity, and innovation – all areas that are essential for a smarter workspace and a better life.

What makes Generation Y tick – collaboration with Fresenius


Together with students from the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, we researched the climate of opinion among young people aged 19 to 28, on the subject of the workspace of the future. Our goal was to determine what criteria are important for millennials in connection with the workspace of the future, against a background of trends such as individualization and urbanization.

This joint research has provided us with interesting insight into what millennials are looking for in their future workspace. For example, they value a workspace that is very well equipped and that offers space for individual development, as well as a balance between work and life. These insights provide us with valuable stimulus for further innovations.

Thinking ahead – with forward thinkers

Joint ventures with universities and researchers are especially important to us, because we aspire to think ahead at all times when it comes to workspace management. This enables us to apply today’s research in developing solutions for the needs of tomorrow.