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Are your employees driven and demanding? Do they expect IT and business services to support new software or new smartphones along with access rights and the ability to book travel with ease? Does your controller demand immediate visibility to costs, licensing, and contracts? And do you expect your IT organization to provide the latest services and ITSM processes quickly, automatically, and cost-effectively?

If “yes” is your answer to any of these questions,  then enter the “power zone” with Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and get there faster.
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Set Up Service Processes with a Customer-Centric Approach

Ensure fast, efficient, and transparent IT processes for delivering technology and business services to customers/employees – when, what and how they need them. Based on ITIL best practices,  Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (ESM) helps facilitate your service and support processes in IT, and the business quickly becomes standardized and more professional – whether it pertains to employee onboarding, application deployment, hardware, or enterprise services.


Expedite Employee Onboarding with a User Friendly, Self-Service Portal

Automate your service processes regardless of IT staff availability. Employees can easily be onboarded within an hour with Matrix42 ESM. This intuitive self-service portal frees up valuable IT resources by centrally managing employee requests and associated information - allowing for automated configuration, easy ordering of new IT workstations, and simpler inventory management.


Services at the Push of a Button: Standardized Provision of Service Portfolios and Service Processes 

With Matrix42 ESM you can integrate new IT and business services as well as automate underlying service processes in accordance with ITIL without disruptions – whether you’re considering Office 365 applications, a Dropbox account, or entire fleet management. Process can be consistently managed from ordering and provisioning right through to billing, so services are quick and convenient – all on a single platform.


One-Hour Employee Onboarding: Self-Serve IT

You can use Matrix42 ESM to configure and order your IT workstation conveniently in the store. All UEM, IT service management, and compliance processes run automatically and without media disruptions, from approval and installation of operating systems to software and security, including inventory and billing. 


Secure Offboarding of Employees: Automate Authorization Management

During the employee offboarding process, Matrix42 ESM ensures limited access to company data and applications for the departing employees. Unauthorized attempts to download data can also be prevented via automated workflows which can initiate tickets for the service desk and automatically block access to network shares.


Streamlined Support Processes: Automated Responses to Standard Requests 

With Matrix42 ESM, simple service requests such as password resets can be fully automated via the self-service portal or the virtual support agent by performing high-speed searches against all sources to recommend the best solution options. Microsoft Teams integration can also be implemented if needed 24/7.


Your Service Level Guaranteed: Data-Driven Management via KPIs

Get in-depth data analysis on ticket submissions and runtime, resolution timeframes, cost drivers, and utilization. Matrix42 ESM enables you to uncover additional opportunities for optimization across service processes and support resources in a data-driven way according to topic, level, cost, and category.


Detect and Resolve Incidents Faster

Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and your susceptibility to errors can be reduced thanks to skill-based routing, automated break-fix tools, links to asset discovery and dependency mapping, and software deployment.


More with Less – Increased Productivity with Fewer Resources

  • Enhanced user experience - self-service portal for an Amazon-like UX 
    The intuitive Matrix42 self-service portal enables access to all IT and non-IT services in just a few clicks, even on the go, for all devices.

  • Eliminate manual processes – automated end-to-end service management
    Automated, transparent, and efficient; everything takes place within a consistent service process framework, from orders and approvals to license checks and installation, including inventory and cost allocation.

  • Faster decision-making – greater transparency and improved data quality
    Matrix42 ESM provides high quality information at your fingertips from one data source – whether accessing KPIs, inventory data on IT assets, licensing, costs, or contracts.
  • A handyman’s toolbox – faster hassle-free troubleshooting
    Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and your susceptibility to errors can be reduced thanks to skill-based routing, automated break-fix tools, links to asset discovery and dependency mapping, and software deployment. 

  • Greater agility for IT – flexibility without additional costs
    With Matrix42 ESM and the integrated low-code platform, IT can manage itself without the need for extensive programming skills or expensive external service providers –whether it’s adding configurations, bi-directional connectors, new user interfaces, or workflows.

  • More services from a single source – 100% integration instead of expensive stand-alone solutions
    Everything in Matrix 42 ESM is available straight out of the box: self-service portal, service catalog, service desk, software asset management with workflow studio, as well as preconfigured connectors to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or third-party client management solutions.
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Achieve Your Goals Faster with Automated Service Processes 
A Practical Guide and Success Factors 

Would you like to gain exclusive insights into real software and project examples? Then attend one of our webinars and discover how you can automate your service processes end-to-end, fast and hassle free.

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