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Automated Service Processes
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Drive better performance and user experience across the enterprise

Boost performance with automated service processes​

Whether new software, a newly configured smartphone, access rights or a travel booking - do your employees expect (IT) services at the push of a button without any delays? Does your IT controller demand instant transparency of costs and licenses? And should your IT provide the latest (IT) services and processes quickly, compliant and automated?

Enter the power zone with Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. Our webinar series will show you how to reach your goals faster. 


Set up customer-centric service processes

Ensure fast, efficient and traceable processes. Whether onboarding, the provision of software, hardware or services - with ITIL Best Practice-based Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management, you can ensure the rapid standardization and professionalization of your service and support processes in IT and business departments.


Order and provision of a workstation via a self-service portal

Your employees press the order button in the shop - your IT delivers. Automated, compliant and without manual intervention - all in one digital process without any disconnection.


An employee orders an USB stick leveraging the Self-Service Portal

After the order is received, the superior is informed and must approve the order. After approval, the USB stick and/or network share is provided in encrypted form and at the same time automatically inventoried in Asset Management.


Secure offboarding of employees, automated control of authorizations

An employee leaving the company should no longer have access to company data and applications.


Automated incident creation, fast response to unknown USB sticks

An employee connects a removable storage device unknown to IT (e.g. USB stick) to his company notebook. Only removable storage devices being registered and encrypted in the inventory can be used. The access of the unknown stick is immediately blocked, a ticket is simultaneously created in the service desk and the incident is logged in accordance with the EU GDPR.​


Achieve your goals faster, secure and cost-efficiently

  • Higher user experience with Amazon feeling
    You still book services paper-based or need multiple portals? With the intuitive Matrix42 Self Service Portal you can access all services in ore or two clicks, even on the road.​

  • Faster deployment with end-to-end service processes
    From ordering, approvals and license checks to installation, inventory and cost allocation - everything is done in one continuous process - automated, transparent and traceable. 

  • Fewer risks thanks to native integration of security
    End devices, USBs, cloud services and apps are delivered with encryption, application and access control. Security incidents generate immediate tickets at the service desk.
  • Lower service costs due to low code platform
    Configurations and extensions of interfaces, functionalities, workflows, bi-directional connectors are fast, update secure and require no programming knowledge. 

  • No manual tasks - integration instead of silo
    Preconfigured connectors to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or your Unified Endpoint Management solution automatically and continuously import all software packages and cloud resources.

  • Do more with less - cost savings of special solutions and no need for special knowledge
    There is no need for time-consuming administration of isolated applications, nor for interfaces, maintenance costs and updates of specialist knowledge. You achieve more with less.


Reach your goals faster with automated service processes
Practical guide and key success factors

Keyvisual zum "Titel des Webinars"
Reach your goals faster - from software package to service with automated license compliance check

Date: 27.08.2020
Duration: 60 Min.

Keyvisual zum "Titel des Webinars"
Reach your goals faster - from service to secure workspaces

Date: 10.09.2020
Duration: 60 Min.

Keyvisual zum "Titel des Webinars"
Premium Webinar
Reach your goals faster - with just a few clicks to Enterprise Service Management

Date: 25.09.2020
Duration: 60 Min.

Keyvisual zum "Titel des Webinars"
Premium Webinar
Reach your goals faster - from ticket to solution with an agile Service Desk

Date: 09.10.2020
Duration: 60 Min.


Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management 

Reach higher performance faster with more services from a single source. With Enterprise Service Management you get a complete package consisting of Service Management, Software Asset Management and a Digital Workspace platform featuring a workflow studio as well as extensive functionalities for inventory, security and standard connectors. 

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Service Management
Offer next generation services! This way you can reduce the burden on IT, optimize your costs and achieve more with less effort.
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Software Asset Management
Optimize your license, contract and asset management. Ensure compliance across all platforms - even in the cloud.
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Digital Workspace Platform
Adapt your solution, not your requirements. Increase productivity and safety. Unified user experience on every browser and device.
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