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Matrrix42 Weihnachtsaktion 2020 mit Savethechildren
Dealing with the Ivanti & Cherwell Merger?

More disruption is not what you need right now.

Reduce Complexity and Confusion now!
Automate Endpoint Security
Security & IT Operations

Give your team what they need to cross the finish line

Unleash the Power
Matrix42 acquires FastViewer
COMPANY Matrix42 acquires remote access and remote support specialist FastViewer

Mobile working even more productive, flexible, and secure   

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UEM KuppingerCole-Report Leadership Compass Unified Endpoint Management
Resources Matrix42 awarded as Overall Leader

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2020 Unified Endpoint Management

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FireScope Announcement
Company Matrix42 and FireScope

More Transparency, More Security, and Increased Automation

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Automated Service Processes
Get into the power zone

Drive better performance and user experience across the enterprise

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VENDOR SELECTION MATRIX™ IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software
Resources Matrix42 ranked No.1

VENDOR SELECTION MATRIX™ IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software

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Covid 19: Work remotely from home
Empower digital work

Work safely in times of Corona

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00 Home Office Starter Set IMG
Home Office Quick Starter Set

Set up quickly and securely

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  • Turn three into one – conserve your IT budget 
    Best-of-suite instead of best-of-breed. Manage one single solution for client management, mobile device management, and IT security instead of three separate ones. 

  • Faster response to cyberattacks – automated defense and recovery  
    The combination of UEM and the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution automates the entire defense-in-depth process - from detection, through defense against data tampering and exfiltration, to remediation and recovery at the endpoint.

  • Data Protection integrated - higher cyber resilience and productivity through process standardization​
    Endpoints, accessories, cloud services, and applications are provided along with protection measures such as pre-boot authentication, encryption, application, and access controls – even when working from home.