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Matrix42 acquires FastViewer
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VENDOR SELECTION MATRIX™ IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software

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Infrastructure Forensics – Configuration Packaging – Voice of the customer

9:30 – 11am CET

Wouldn’t it be nice to get quarterly updates on what’s new in Digital Workspace Management? Get introduced to new ways on how to secure and simplify digital work while improving employee satisfaction, productivity and reducing costs through automation.  

Great news! Starting with this Release we are excited to introduce the Matrix42 Release Day to you.

In the Keynote we will present the latest and greatest in Matrix42, including: 

Infrastructure Forensics  

Learn how you can leverage insights from FireScope data throughout your organization to improve customer service, employee happiness, service delivery, compliance, cost savings and digital transformation. 

Configuration Packaging 

Creating reusable Configurations or Applications and setting up a true DevOps Workflow with Configuration Packaging boosts organizations to the next level. The newest version of Configuration Packaging enables you as an application administrator to: 

  • Uninstall installed packages  
  • Cancel Package Installation Processes 
  • Package dependencies  
  • Include a minimum required version check for your Packages 
  • Additionally, it provides you with a recovery option for applications that were corrupted by an invalid Configuration Package installation. 

Voice of the customer   

With the Q4 2020 SUEM Release we focused on many topics that have been especially important to you – our customers.  
Learn more about the implemented feature requests as well as stability and performance improvements in today’s keynotes and the breakout sessions of the day.