MyWorkspace Feature Update: Fresh Design for App Details

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In the last weeks we have been working on a redesign of the application edit/details pages. We took a step back and reviewed our previous design decisions. With the help of our users and our user experience team we came up with lots of smaller and bigger changes. Week by week we implemented these improvements and pushed them out every interation. Now we want to give you an overview over what has changed and what is still to come.

A Lighter View

Directly on the start page you will notice that MyWorkspace feels a lot lighter. This is thanks to the new color of the left navigation bar. Also the tabs have seen a slight facelift. They are no longer all uppercase, making the text a lot easier to read.

The start page of MyWorkspace. It feels light and fresh because of the lighter colors.

The new Application Details

Most changes were related to the application details pages, though. Previously all actions related to an application were performed in a small panel, sliding in from the right side of the screen. Now an application opens in a new page, with all actions separated into tabs. This leaves much more room to breath. And there are some neat new features, too:

  • You see the application name in the breadcrumbs. So you always know, which application you are currently working with.
  • The breadcrumbs moved to the top toolbar, leaving more room for the content.
  • All mandatory fields for an application are grouped to the top. Advanced fields are hidden by default. You can show them by clicking on “Show more”. This makes creating complex applications like the “Remote App” a lot easier.

New design for app details. This example shows the fields of a Remote App.

Stay tuned

Now that the “General” tab is mostly finished, we want to review our most used applications. The fields should all be grouped correctly and have helpful names and descriptions. We also have plans to rework some of the other tabs. So stay tuned for more improvements over the upcoming weeks.

Interested in the new capabilities?

Try the new features today by simply logging into your MyWorkspace instance. All features are active and usable instantly.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our ideas portal, check out our knowledge base or drop a mail to

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