MyWorkspace Feature Update: NTLMv2, Renamed Domains, Language Improvements

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The MyWorkspace team is pleased to announce improvements to both the Active Directory Connector and the Remote Desktop Gateway.

NTLMv2 & Renamed Domains

In case you manage a Remote Desktop Services farm, you could already make use of our Active Directory Connector. It fetches the available Remote Apps for your users and shows them seemlessly in the MyWorkspace Launchpad. This respects permissions for the Remote Apps, so users only see them, when they actually have access to them. In case you are interested, our help center article helps you getting started.

Previously this didn’t work for Active Directory Domains, which were renamed in the past. This issue has been addressed. Renamed domains are now fully supported.

In addition the Active Directory Connector now supports using NTLMv2 authentication, when fetching the Remote Apps of a user. In case all your Windows servers are version 2000 or newer, Microsoft recommends to disable LAN manager hashes in the Active Directory. This increases security, as LAN manager hashes are a weak way to store the users passwords. With the support of NTLMv2 you can now follow this recommendation. Our Active Directory Connector will still be able to fetch the Remote Apps for your users.

Language Improvements

Our Remote Desktop Gateway is translated in several languages. The correct language was chosen based on the preferences in your browser. In your MyWorkspace profile you are able for some time to choose another language for all MyWorkspace connected products. Now the Remote Desktop Gateway respects this setting. You will always see messages of the Remote Desktop Gateway in the language selected in your profile. Note though, that this does not affect the language of the remote server, you are connecting to.

Choose language in MyWorkspace profile

Interested in the new capabilities?

Try the new features today by simply logging into your MyWorkspace instance. All features are active and usable instantly.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our ideas portal, check out our knowledge base or drop a mail to

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