Got LANDESK? Get the new Matrix42 LANDESK Inventory Connector!

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Some Matrix42 Service Store customers also use the LANDESK Inventory Manager for detecting, managing and monitoring corporate hardware and software. That’s why we’ve introduced the new LANDESK Inventory Connector.

What is the LANDESK Inventory Connector?

It’s an app in our Marketplace that manages the integration of LANDESK inventory data via Workflows into the Matrix42 Service Store. This enables the data to be used, for example, within the Matrix42 Compliance module. Several inventory data sources are defined and executed sequentially. The key features and capabilities include:

  • New Workflow for collecting LANDESK Inventory
  • New LANDESK Connector configuration page

The data to be inventoried includes

    • Domains
    • Manufacturers
    • Computers
    • Installed Applications
    • Operating systems
    • Recent Users

How the LANDESK Inventory Connector Works

Once installed, you can select the LANDESK Inventory connector from the Matrix42 administration console here:

LANDESK Inventory Connector Data Provider

You can then use Workflows to access multiple data sources at the same time. These can include computers, domains, applications, operating systems, users and more.

LANDESK Inventory Connector Import Definition

How to get LANDESK Inventory Connector

You can buy the LANDESK Inventory Connector from the recently refreshed Matrix42 Marketplace via the brand new user interface, here:


For a free trial, please contact us at:





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